20 Greatest LeBron James Man Purse Twitter Reactions

Have you noticed the new trend among black athletes? They have to out-cool each other with some sort of trendy accessory. Glasses, of course, are the new cool thing to wear on your face. Did you watch TV during NBA All-Star weekend? You know what we’re talking about. Then we have LeBron James, yesterday, setting a new fashion trend that just might have taken out-cooling to a level only LeBron could. America didn’t react well to this purse. 

Yes, we know he has his toiletries and a headband in the purse. Yes, we know hockey players carry the same thing but the handle isn’t all leathery and isn’t carried like a chick’s purse. Yes, this wouldn’t be a story if the handle was on either end of that bag. Yes, this guy asks to get crushed. And Twitter was primed for this shot that appeared on ABC.

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