Wait, Duke Has A Black Dude On Its Basketball Dance Team? [PHOTOS]

Our boots on the ground in Durham sent us this shot from Cameron Indoor where it was learned that the Duke dance team has a male member and it appears he has some serious sugar in those shorts. What was supposed to be an investigation into the dance team turned into a ‘WTF, there’s a black dude on the Duke dance team,’ post. We’re not sure whether he performs during on-court routines. Efforting. Anyway, this has to be a Duke first, right?

Seriously, any dance teams in the Top 25 who has a male member? Anyone? One at your school? Send us the details.


Also, some random shots of the 5s & 6s at Duke. Just remember, these are 5s & 6s that’ll one day be corporate vice presidents and lawyers. You’ll think they’re 9s after you turn 30 and are still a broke loser.



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