Tiki Barber Marrying Traci Lynn Johnson; Not Yet Divorced! [PHOTOS]

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is going to be marrying the intern he left his pregnant wife for whether you like it or not. Although nothing formal has been announced, Traci Lynn Johnson is having a bridal shower on Saturday at downtown New York wine bar, Bahr Ché.

Oh, did we mention Tiki isn’t divorced yet?

Well, he isn’t. He’s still finalizing the divorce with his ex Ginny, who he left after 11 years while she was carrying twins. Apparently, the divorce agreement is in place, but it isn’t finalized. Someone’s holding out for a big chunk of child support and we’d guess Tiki isn’t getting hitched again until that someone gets paid.

None of that really matters, though. What’s important here is this trollop’s bridal shower, which we imagine will be some fancy New York, Sex In The City-type affair. It’s being thrown by Erica Rivera, who’s married to Geraldo.

So now you know. Tiki rolls with Geraldo and his mustache.

[Bridal shower for Tiki’s love]