Laron Landry’s Homoerotic, Shirtless, Gun Show Workout [VIDEO]

It’s your lucky day, ladies. We’re giving away two tickets. Two FREE tickets to the gun show that Laron Landry is putting on this offseason. The ‘Skins safety went from just uploading photos of the gun show to now recording these workout sessions. Smart move. We’re hooked and the beat is nice. Just blasting that hot beat in the BC office today. This one’s for you, haters.

Look who’s gettin’ ripped while your ass be grindin’ on a Ben & Jerry’s.

Posted: Feb. 29, 2012

Premise of Video: Laron is bored by just another day of reading your stupid tweets and decides it’s going to be a workout day. It’s also a shirt-optional day at the gym. Time to inflate the gun show.

Climax of Video: Did he wipe down the bench after wrist-rolling 215?

Conclusion: How is it possible that Kim Kardashian isn’t busting down this fool’s door? Jetting his ass off to Miami to walk with her on the beach? Old girl is slippin’ these days.

[HT: Los That Sports Blog]