Jordan Carver Spring Training Hand & Bat Bra Bonanza! [PHOTOS]

God bless Jordan Carver. There are women who ‘get’ the Internet and then there is Jordan Carver dropping a baseball-themed hand & bat bra gallery featuring photos of her in Angels gear just as teams prepare to play their first games of Spring Training. Hate the Angels? You’ll have to suffer throw 12 photos of Jordan modeling her baseball gear and a skirt that all baseball dugout dancers should be wearing this summer. 

Carver, a U.K. lad mag staple, needs to be on U.S. TV like yesterday. Looking directly at you CBS. Get her on Big Brother this summer. Thinking trained Jordan cam that follows her everywhere. Charge $6.99. Whipped cream Head of Household contests. The options are endless. Hell, hire us and the ratings for that show will make us all rich.

Anyway, baseball photos. Get after it, boys.

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