Ha! Ha! Ha! Kate Upton Doesn’t Drop Massive Cleav In Mexico City Mall [PHOTOS]

Usually it’s the Mexicans laughing at our asses after stealing another factory from Steubenville, Ohio. Oh, look, another piston manufacturer relocating a mile south of the border. Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, real funny, d*ckheads. So in return for continuously raping our job base, we’re sending Kate Upton to your stupid Mexico City Fashion Week and having her hide the cleav while doing a promotional shoot at one of your malls.

Who’s laughing now, a**holes?

That’s right, you and China might have all our jobs, but what country do you beg for hot chicks? Hot chicks straight off Michigan horse farms and hand crafted by God’s own hands? That’s right, the USA keeps pumping out those Anglo angels bred on Michigan cherries and Wisconsin sausage. Sure, Brazil has us in the ass department, but have you seen Gisele’s face lately? Busted, indeed.

Kudos to Upton for not dropping that massive American cleav at this mall shoot. Make these bastards pay for years of stealing Michigan jobs. Cleav is the last export we can control. Just can’t give it away.

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