A.J. Burnett Fouling Ball Off His Face At Spring Training [VIDEO]


The Pirates had a pitchers bunting competition yesterday and it didn’t end so well for the lowly N.L. Central doormat. A.J. Burnett, who was supposed to help this team get over the 75-win hump, stepped into the cage and squared around to lay one down. (Remember, he’s been in the AL since 2005.) Things don’t end well for the team’s new #1.

Yep, foul ball right in the face & his ass was put on a flight back to Three Rivers.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: What don’t you understand about foul ball to the face. Square. Right in the face. Ball. Bat. Face.

Climax of Video: That sigh coming from the 20,000 loyal Pirates’ fans who walk that bridge night after night.

Conclusion: Did you know the Pirates haven’t won 80+ games in a season since 1992? That was also the last season they finished over .500. Sorry, losers. Looks like your ace is going to miss some time.


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