51 Great Moments In Zubaz Pants History [PHOTOS]


Remember those pants that were originally designed for weightlifters to wear at the gym but your dad wore to the grocery store and to football games in Buffalo? Who can possibly forget Zubaz pants. The founders sold 10 million pairs of pants and made $160 million in sales over a 20 year period. But then the bubble eventually burst and the pants became a Halloween costume.

Ahh, but guess what style is poised to rebound thanks to this Rob Gronkowski photo? Zubaz are seriously back and the company is pushing new products such as the Zubaz hat. Of course we’re digging the Ohio State hat.

According to the company, there were Zubaz point-of-sales locations at several mall kiosks around the Midwest during the Christmas season. There’s also a fledgling TV channel and even Zubaz Nation where you can upload photos of yourself wearing Zubaz.

Guys, say hello to a 2012 trend we can totally get behind. Ordering a pair today.

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