Sportscaster Craig Smylie: “Son Of A B*tch…One More Time…Start It Over” [VIDEO]

Craig, yo, you’re on live TV. At this point there’s not much we can do to help you start over. GO, GO, GO! Keep going. It’s too late. You already uttered “Son of a bitch…one more time…start it over,” on live TV. We repeat, you are LIVE. Yes, this happened to Craig Smylie who thought he was recording his sports spot.


Posted: Feb. 27, 2012

Premise of Video: Craig Smylie is living out his dream as a sportscaster at JET 24 and FOX 66 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Yeah, the career isn’t off to a hot start. But, thanks to the Internet and this video, this guy will probably be broadcasting next to Robert Flores in about eight months.

Climax of Video: Craig doesn’t realize he’s live with this basketball report

Conclusion: Director goes to black and kicks Craig off his live report. From Craig’s JET 24 profile…He married his wife Vanessa in September 2007 and is proud to call Erie home. In his lack of spare time, Craig enjoys singing, playing piano, watching the Browns and Buckeyes and catching a movie.

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