Grandmother Sharon Simmons Wants To Be Cowboys Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

Remember when we introduced the Internet to Oakland Raiders cheerleader & grandmother Susie Sanchez? That’s all it took for the Oprah generation to get excited about the possibility of regaining their youth via cheering for 24-year-olds from LSU & USC. Now comes fitness bikini competitor Sharon Simmons & her dream of cheering with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. She’s 55, tanned like a Cuban castaway & wants to shake it for Romo. Dreams, gotta have ’em.

The thing about Sharon is that she’s not just some chick off the street with dreams. She’s turned her fitness & implants (and being a grandmother) into a sales pitch. She wrote a book. Has the website. Has the Facebook fan page (with 100+ ‘fans’) and somehow got the Dallas CBS affiliate to profile her about this Cowboys cheerleader dream.

She’s also a grandmother of two.

“I’m 55. And in May around the competition, I’ll be 56,” explained Sharon Simmons. “On stage, I blend right in with women in their 20, 30s and up.”

Simmons was asked if she believes there is a physical difference between her body and those of the 19-year-olds trying out? “Absolutely no difference,” she declared.

Woah, woah, woah, grandma. Did she just say the competition is in M.A.Y.? And why is CBS running a story in February? Afraid she’ll bust an implant before the big day? Trying to beat NBC-Dallas to the punch? Anyway, we can look past this news judgement.

The next part, however, is garbage. No physical difference between a 19 & 56-year-old? C’mon, honey, those girls don’t have to get the boobs lifted and the face lifted. And how can a woman have the hip-shaking abilities of a teen? Impossible! Good for Sharon that she thinks this media blitz might psych out some hot chicks who might otherwise tryout.

We’re begging the Cowboys to choke out this nonsense once and for all. Sure, let her get through the first round and then slam the door. At least Sharon will have a chapter for a new book.

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