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Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Arkansas State’s Mallorye [PHOTOS]

Via  Spirit Editor, Asher:

Most people focus on the BCS schools when looking for hot college cheerleaders. It’s easy to turn to the University of Oregon cheerleaders when searching for the hottest cheerleaders in the college ranks. But I’m here to tell you that is a BIG MISTAKE. If you’re ignoring the smaller schools, then you are missing some phenomenal talent.

That said, we give you Mallorye. Refusing to take a look at Arkansas State would prevent you from finding this tiny, flexible little thing with a killer body. The former gymnast has put her flipping ability to good use for the Red Wolves of ASU. Not to mention, she can wear the crap out of a Princess Leia costume!!!

So don’t sleep on the cheerleaders of the Sun Belt Conference because I guarantee you will miss good things.

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