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Hey, did you hear? Juan Pablo Montoya hit a jet dryer attached to a truck that holds jet fuel and blows sh*t off the track after rain delays and crashes? You didn’t? Yeah, figured you morons hadn’t watched the news this morning. Anyway, in case you haven’t watched SportsCenter this morning, Juan Pablo Montoya caused this firebomb.

Yeah, it’s like dominating the morning shows & ESPN. Seriously, hit the jet dryer.

Posted: Oh, by 1400 spam YouTube accounts last night

Premise of Video: Montoya drives worse than a woman or an Asian. Need further proof?

Climax of Video: Lots of fire, lots of white guys in fire suits running around trying to put out the JET FUEL FIRE and Waltrip uttering Oh, My God!

Conclusion: Maybe this Monday night thing for NASCAR could be the start of something. Fireballs sure beat that douche on The Bachelor swatting hair out of his face.

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