Random Chick On Twitter: Mark Sanchez Kissed Me In Vegas [PHOTO]


Fact: Mark Sanchez was in Vegas this past weekend doing what guys 25 & under do. Fact: Mark Sanchez had a bro moment with DJ Hardwell. Fact: Mark Sanchez dined on organic chicksn & Australian lobster tails. Unconfirmed Fact: Mark Sanchez completed this chick’s life by kissing her at some Vegas club Saturday night. 

For some reason we believe Alyssa. She just seems like a cute chick going about her life and then all of a sudden Sanchez tries to figure out if she’s 17. Makes total sense. When a chick uses ‘wentsohard,’ we take her word for it.

She later added:

@Oscarkalikid86 I had the time of my life! Last night I drank rose anf tonight I partied with pro athletes #ilovevegas

Congrats, Sanchez. Her life in complete. All downhill from here, honey.


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