Nick Mangold’s Sister, Holley, A Clean & Jerk Away From London Olympics [PHOTOS]

Look, how can an American not be rooting for Holley Mangold to represent the U.S. weighlifting team at the 2012 London Olympics? Nick Mangold’s sister gets her shot this Sunday in Columbus to secure travel plans for August. All she needs are a couple solid clean and jerks and she’ll be destroying the Olympic Village with her 340-pound frame. Just powerlifting scrawny Chinese ping pong players like fungo baseball bats. 

What’s our fascination with Mangold? To be honest, we want to watch her pound beers and crush aluminum cans on her forehead in London. We want these stinkin’ Chinese that are kicking our asses in pretty much all facets of life to understand that we still produce the baddest powerlifters in the world (besides Bulgaria).

The Columbus Dispatch tells us exactly what it’ll take for Holley to attend the opening ceremonies.

She’ll find out in a week, as the 22-year-old is one of 15 women invited to compete for two open spots on the U.S. team in the Olympic Team Trials for weightlifting, which are to be held on Sunday, the final day of the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus.

Ranked second in the nation among women by USA Weightlifting, the Centerville native, now living and training in Columbus, is in a strong position to make it to the Summer Olympics in London.

You want some boring chick from Minnesota representing this great country in London or the sister of a Pro Bowler who tweets such humor.

TSA just used me for a test while being groped the lady didn’t find it funny when I said yes their real

Of course we’re all in. 6 days until that Mangold ticket is punched. Can’t wait.