Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Is Traitor, Canucks Fan [PHOTOS]

Yes, there was a small story out last summer about the 2011 Miss USA Alyssa Campanella being a Vancouver Canucks fan. There was a slight buzz about Campanella having this fascination with the Canucks and that she might be a traitor. But, without photos of her actually being a traitor, the bulldog Internet media backed off its yellow journalism.

Um, but now we have photos of Campanella cheating on the U.S.A. at a Canucks game last week. And the story gets worse. Campanella, wearing her Canucks sweater, uploaded photos to her Twitter account of herself and Danielle Doty at the Canucks-New Jersey Devils game. Who is Doty? Miss Teen U.S.A.!

Yep, Doty is also wearing a Canucks sweater and then this gets tweeted from Campanella.

New #canucks fan right here! RT @DanielleeDoty: #Canucks game with my sister!! @AlyssCampanella oh we are so winning:)

She added:

The streak continues!!!!! Every Canucks game I attend they win! Way to go boys!!!! #number1 #canucks

Doty happens to live with Campanella at Trump Tower. The two are legitimately like sisters. Miss Teen always listens to her elders so of course she’d get swept up in this Canucks hysteria.

And does it get any worse than Miss USA & Miss Teen USA cheering for a Canadian hockey team on New Jersey soil? Think not. She even did a spot with Canucks TV gloating about her fandome! ENOUGH!

So how did this Canucks fascination get started?

FOXSportsWest.com: How did you discover hockey?

Miss USA: It happened this season when I was in Vancouver and went to see a Canucks game. I didn’t know anything about hockey prior to that, and I went to a game and fell in love with the energy and the sportsmanship of the players. It was just insane, so ever since then I’ve been a diehard Vancouver Canucks fan.

That’s cool, Miss USA. Enjoy your new spot (with Miss Teen USA) on the Top 10 Traitors In U.S. History list. We probably could have overlooked this turncoat act if it wasn’t for the Twitpics & you sucking in Doty to the darkside.

How is this allowed? Blatantly rooting for foreign soil. Blatantly rooting for the Sedin twins. Can’t wait a year until your reign of terror is over, can you? Some gall on this chick.


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