Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan Is NBA’s Greatest Photobomber [PHOTOS]


Look at these numbskulls.

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is a professional photobomber of sort. He doesn’t photobomb in the traditional sense, by sticking his head in someone else’s photo, he waits until his teammates are sleeping and then gathers a bunch of people around for a picture.

This would be really creepy if most of the photos weren’t shot on the Clippers private plane.

Anyway, Jordan then tweets the photos with the hashtag #GotEm. Stars like Chris Paul, who you see looking stupid in the photo above and Clippers coaches aren’t even safe from Jordan. The one exception appears to be head coach Vinny Del Negro and there’s a good reason why.

“We’ve almost gotten every coach besides Vinny [Del Negro],” Jordan said. “I’m not going to get Vinny because I want to keep playing.”

Other players around the league have started to copy the trend, while those in Clipperland have started to take precautions. Caron Butler sleeps with his legs in the aisle, Blake Griffin sleeps with a blanket tied around his head and others sleep with hats and glasses on.

I guess boys will be boys, but hell, what does it matter? The Clippers are actually relevant this season for the first time since… longer than we can remember. The Clips lead the Pacific Division with a 20-11 record and Jordan is averaging eight points and nine rebounds a night.

He’s also the first one who said “Lob City,” so we can blame him for that too.

[DeAndre Jordan getting in the picture with his Twitter photos] [DeAndre Jordan Twitter]

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