Terrell Owens Earns Paycheck This Weekend Via Indoor Football [VIDEO]


Big news out of Allen, Texas this weekend where a broke guy returned to the football field because, well, he has no choice. What other football job can Terrell Owens get these days besides playing indoor football in Allen, Texas? None. So there was T.O. Saturday night getting his first catch & TD in the 2nd quarter of the Allen Wranglers season debut.

Hate T.O.? This will bring a smile to your face this morning.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: 5,700 fans turned out to see a broke 38-year-old trying to gain the attention of an NFL team via indoor football in February. Think this was embarrassing to a guy who recently had his child support payments lowered because his ass is broke?

Climax of Video: Of course we’ll bid on that touchdown ball. Put that on eBay and our asses are all over it.

Conclusion: Even if he gets signed to a 2012 contract, how many years does he have left? 1? 2 max? So what’s that going to earn him? $2,000,000? That’ll be gone in six months. Maybe he call fall back on his college degree.

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