Relax, Ross Shimabuku Didn’t Really Call Danica Patrick A ‘Bitch’ [VIDEO]


Everyone is killing Fox 5 sports dude Ross Shimabuku for an alleged gender-bashing incident this weekend for something he ‘allegedly’ intended to say, but didn’t say, during a sports report. In fact, many are trying to put the word ‘bitch’ into Shimabuku’s mouth. Watch this report and see if you think Ross intended to call Danica Patrick a bitch.

Everyone needs to calm down with the allegations, especially towards an Asian who speaks perfect English.

Posted: Feb. 23, 2012

Premise of Video: Ross Shimabuku is doing his job, says something about a word starting with a ‘B’ and associates that letter with Danica. Of course everyone gets nuts thinking this guy is calling her a bitch. Jumping to conclusions, people!

Climax of Video: The chick at the anchor desk lights up Ross for implying that Danica is a bitch. Listen her, news anchor chick, he didn’t say bitch. Did not.

Conclusion: Of course a bunch of media chicks are pissed off over Ross’ comment that wasn’t a full comment & never used the full word ‘bitch.’ People, seriously, it’s TV. Watch Real Housewives or Bachelor. Women just calling women bitches left and right. You really want your local sports guy to be a robot & not editorialize here and there? Not us. Give us versions of Ross from coast-to-coast. We’re big fans.

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