LaRon Landry’s Teammate Adam Carriker Pulls A Landry With Wife’s Shirt [PHOTO]


Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry’s hulking Twitter photos became the butt-end of a joke by at least one of his teammates last week.

After Landry posted a picture of impossibly-muscular physique last week, Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker threw on one of his wife’s shirts and posted a photo of his own to Twitter. This message accompanied the tweet.

Look, I can put on a tight shirt and look really jacked too! LOL!

He later followed up with the hashtag #Laroning, which if kind of like Tebowing, we guess. Carriker also said he had to cut the shirt off because he couldn’t get out of it and it was cutting off his circulation.

He later tweeted to Landry, who apparently wasn’t as amused as everyone else.

@MrLandry30 #Laroning (You know your my boy) But I couldn’t resist, lol!

Landry did laugh, it should be pointed out, but he wasn’t getting a lot of love on his own Twitter account, which is probably because he’s a tool.

The more important question here is, what the hell is that thing growing off the side of Carriker’s face?

[Adam Carriker Twitter]   [LaRon Landry Twitter]

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