A.J. Allmendinger’s Wife Lynne Kush Still Naked On Internet [PHOTOS]


The big issue for us on why NASCAR has tanked with American popularity seems to be the combination of a couple different themes: (a.) Lack of money (b.) A generation raised on NFL (c.) Fans can’t relate to pretty boy drivers. (d.) The sport has tried way too hard to be squeaky clean. Let’s help NASCAR with (d.) today. Ever heard of driver A.J. Allmendinger? Probably not. Well, his wife is naked on the Internet. Now we’ve got your attention, no? 

It seems that Lynne Allmendinger had her 15 minutes of fame on the Internet way back in 2009. She had recently married A.J. and it was then learned that she had a past that included work as a Playboy Cyber Girl. Her maiden name is Kushnirenko, but she went by Lynne Kush for her Playboy work. Time passed & Lynne Kush was forgotten on the Internet.

After some looking around this afternoon, we’ve learned that Ms. Kush’s work for Playboy lives on (will get you fired NSFW) and we believe she’s the only NASCAR wife to have gotten naked for Hef’s crew. Even videos shot way back in 2006 can still be watched (NSFW).


Why does Kush getting naked in 2006 matter to NASCAR in 2012? Because a sport like baseball is getting huge play out of the recent news that Playmates Lauren Anderson and Jaime Edmondson are involved with Reid Brignac & Evan Longoria, respectively.

Now a chiropractor on the NASCAR circuit while her husband is racing, Kush doesn’t exactly promote her naked past on Twitter. Totally her call, but makes us wonder about the next way of WAGs that’ll eventually enter the NASCAR world. Can NASCAR accept that their red blooded American male fanbase goes crazy over naked women? Can the sport find a balance between hot wives and the Bible thumpers who buy race tickets and want their favorite drivers marrying wholesome girls?

Wholesome isn’t going to bring back those fans. Storylines will, though.

[@drlynnechiro]  [Lynne Kush – Playboy]


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