Gronk Spikes Puck At Minor League Hockey Game [VIDEO]

Gotta give Rob Gronkowski credit for being a man of his word and not backing out of his puck-spiking gig at last night’s Worcester Sharks game. There was Gronk, cast on his ankle from his recent surgery, spiking a puck on one leg after being driven to center ice while sitting on the tailgate of a truck.

Can’t really blame the guy for showing up even with injury when he only made $405,000 in base salary this season.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: The Worcester Sharks offered to pay Gronk’s $7,500 fine for a regular season TD spike that led to a fine from the NFL. The catch? He had to spike a puck before a Sharks game. Last night was payoff time.

Climax of Video: Those in attendance claim the puck shattered. Kinda hard to tell from this vantage point.

Conclusion: Can you imagine how many fat, FUPA, hockey jersey chasers were in Worcester last night for this event? One giant fiesta.

via @Jessica_Teresa