Hate Punks? You’ll Love Lamar Coach Pat Knight’s Press Conference [VIDEO]

Lamar coach Pat Knight is unhappy with these seniors.

Yes, that Pat Knight, son of Bobby. The younger Knight now coaches at Lamar, which is 17-11 this season, but lost 62-52 to¬†Stephen F. Austin Wednesday night. Knight was none too happy about the seniors, who he didn’t recruit, and their effort during the game.

In addition to calling them the worst group of seniors he’s ever had, he said they were awful, and accused them of stealing money by being on scholarship. In addition to tearing them apart for the game, Knight also brought up several off-court issues.

Clearly, Knight has had enough and he’s not going to take it anymore. Bobby has a smile on his face somewhere.

Posted: Feb. 24, 2012

Premise of Video: Lamar coach Pat Knight channels his father Bobby in one of the most epic post-game rants in memory.

Climax of Video: How to choose a moment? Maybe when he goes down the score sheet, reciting each player’s pitiful shooting line.

Conclusion: The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and frankly, after looking at those stats, you have to wonder if Knight isn’t right for ripping these guys a new asshole.