The Final Mizzou Vs. Kansas Conference Cheerleader Border War [PHOTOS]

Via Busted Coverage Spirit Editor Asher:

With all due respect to great rivalries like Duke-UNC, Louisville/Kentucky and Harvard/Yale, nothing quite meets the intensity of the Missouri/Kansas rivalry. This thing started during the Civil War for God’s sake. We’re talking rape, pillaging, burning down cities, etc. It doesn’t get more heated than that.

But now that rivalry might be coming to an end. With Mizzou’s move to the SEC next year, Kansas has decided they are no longer going to play Mizzou every year. It’s pretty much a “take your ball and go home” kind of attitude. So the game on Saturday is bigger than your typical #3 v. #4 game. Big 12 regular season title be damned, this about pride and bragging rights.

Of course, my contribution to this rivalry and battle for bragging rights should be fairly obvious: CHEERLEADERS. Which school has the hottest cheerleaders? Whose skirts are the shortest? Who has the best abs? All of these are important questions that need to be answered before tip-off!

[Game Details: Saturday – 4 pm  –  Lawrence, Kansas  – CBS]