16-Year-Old Blogger Breaks Ryan Braun Mishandled Sample Story 9 Days Ago!

Remember the name Curt Hogg. The kid is only 16, but somehow this high schooler landed the scoop of his lifetime and not a soul noticed. A self-described Brewers fan & Brewers blogging junky, Hogg had a source tip him off to the news that Ryan Braun’s PED urine sample might have been mishandled. That was 9 days ago. Last night, baseball announced Braun was cleared of his failed drug test because of a mishandled sample. Not kidding. 

Oddly enough on a MLB.com hosted blog called Plushdamentals, Hogg wrote a post based on what a college teammate told him about Braun’s situation. How a former Braun teammate finds Hogg is unclear.Remember, this is 9 days ago.

An anonymous source has reported to Plushdamentals that Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun’s drug test that tested positive for increased levels of synthetic testosterone was mishandled, thus likely altering the results of the test. The report exclusively reached Plushdamentals through a source familiar with a former college teammate of Braun’s at the University of Miami and reportedly has knowledge of the situation.

According to sources, the results were not immediately sent to Major League Baseball as they should have been. Instead, the test samples were brought back to the collector’s residence in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There they remained, refrigerated, overnight until they were mailed in the next morning. While it is not assured that there is sufficient information to show that the test was mishandled, it supports Braun’s case.

Yes, Hogg tried to get the news out to bigger outlets, but who’s going to believe a 16-year-old fan boy? As for his reaction last night when MLB made its ‘he’s innocent’ proclamation, here’s Hogg’s tweet.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

People familiar with the details said the sample was not dropped off that day at FedEx to be sent to the MLB testing lab in Montreal because the collector thought it was too late and the shipping company was closed.

Instead, the collector kept the sample, and perhaps others, refrigerated at home for two days before making the shipment. Though the seals on the samples were unbroken upon arriving at the lab, that lapse in protocol became the crux of the hearing in which Braun’s side contested the validity of the test itself.

Unreal job by this Hogg kid. Simple unreal work. Obviously going to take Buster Olney’s parking spot one of these days.

[Source: Braun Test Sample Mishandled, Says College Teammate]