This Genius Started Drug Business With Football Scholarship Money! [Cuff ‘Em]


It’s no wonder we’re losing our asses to the Chinese. When guys like Middle Tennessee State’s Preston Bailey III have their drug business dreams ruined by cops it’s a bad day for college students who try to get ahead by slinging some pot. What makes this story even better is that Preston was a college football player. How did he get the money to start his drug bidness?

His football scholarship.

Via the Daily News Journal:

Bailey told Murfreesboro Police he paid about $3,000 for the marijuana, according to police. Murfreesboro Police spokesman Kyle Evans said Bailey confirmed he “used his scholarship money as startup money for his illegal drug sales business.”

Bailey was a member of the football program from 2009 through 2011 after transferring from the University of Tennessee. Bailey redshirted in 2009, started 12 games in 2010, and played in seven games this past season.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is moron. Not so. Just look at that entrepreneurial spirit. Most idiots go out and buy a new LCD or even cars with that scholly money. Don’t even act like your ass didn’t buy some furniture with that government aid.

But Preston has a history of being a smart guy. He even won the 2010 MTSU Donald Craig Sophomore Academic Award. His major – Liberal Studies.

[MT player: Scholarship was startup for drug biz]

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