The Internet’s First Jeremy Lin Tattoo [PHOTOS]


It was only a matter of time, we suppose. With all the Linsanity going on, some idiot was going to get a Jeremy Lin tattoo.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who the idiot in question is, but here’s what we do know. It’s definitely a dude and he got the New York Knicks point guard’s number 17 tattooed on his upper left arm. The work was done by Karen Rockower of Brooklyn’s Hand of Glory Tattoo on or around Feb. 17.

She gleefully tweeted this message on that fateful day.

I got to do a Jeremy Lin tattoo!

Like most sports tattoos, we’re pretty sure the owner of this beauty will never, ever regret it. At the moment, he’s probably the most awesome bro among all his bros in The City.

Way to go, bro!

Lin has 17 and nine as the Knicks routed the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. The close out the first half of the season with a showdown against the Miami Heat tonight.
[Karen Rockower Twitter]

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