Randy Moss, Vince Wilfork & Kevin Faulk Snorkeling In Bahamas [PHOTOS]


Relax, everyone, Vince Wilfork won’t drown in that blue water in the Bahamas. This guy is like Michael Phelps in the body of an NFL defensive tackle. Just blasting through the water scaring the sh*t out of fish who’ve never seen a black guy this big – EVER. That is 323+ pounds swimming around in a lagoon. Little kids on Spring Break just scrambling to get out of Shamu’s way (yes, we wouldn’t say it to his face).

For those of you hoping to run into Wilfork, Randy Moss or Kevin Faulk at Atlantis in the Bahamas, it seems they left yesterday. Sorry.

40 minutes ago from Randy Moss:

Do u all know the feeling of running through a airport an getting to ur gate an the doors r closed??thts how I feel leaving the Bahamas!!!

So maybe Moss will be hanging around the airport. Let us know if you end up drinking with Otis at the bar this morning.


[HT: Shamu]

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