Miami Of Ohio Dance Team Bikini Beach Acrobatics [PHOTOS]

Via our Spirit Report Editor, Asher:

Watch out world, Busted Coverage and College Cheerleader Heaven have officially joined forces! That means you are going to start seeing a lot more cheerleaders on BC. I hope you’re ready for the onslaught of awesome!

And what better way to consummate this marriage (that’s not gay, right?) than with a bunch of college dancers running around the beach in their bikinis? These girls are all members of the Miami of Ohio Dance Team, and at one point last summer they hit the beach and went buck-wild. They are all over the place jumping in the air, doing the splits, lifting their legs over their heads. You name it, they do it. Hell, they even built a pretty decent sand castle. That’s called being multi-talented!

[Miami Redhawks Dance Team – Official]  [Miami Redhawks Dance Team – Facebook]

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