Laron Landry Getting Chipper Jones Fat This Offseason [PHOTOS]


Our buddy Jake at Funny Athlete Tweets sent word today that Laron Landry, better known as the NFL strong safety most likely to have a carer as a member of the Chippendales, might be letting himself go after just two months away from the sport. Doesn’t surprise us. Always seemed like that guy was a one-year wonder. A guy who gets jacked on P90X and turns to flab six months later. 

As you can see (above) in this photo taken this afternoon, Laron has completed a workout and is at his fullest jacked moment or he wouldn’t have taken the mirror shot. We notice a new pec tat that might be his mother. Just a guess.

Compare that photo to the shot below of Laron back in June 2011. Again, at the full jacked moment or he wouldn’t have had someone snap the shot.

Analysis: 2011 was much more vein-y. Much more rip. Less retention of water. Tighter pecs. Washboard much more chiseled.


We also have this shot that was tweeted out today by a guy (@encoresportsce) we assume is his supplement dealer. Yes, Laron, your shoulders are getting huge, but those pecs really are suffering from the lack of attention.

Tighten up, bro.

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