Rutgers Imposter Storming Court After Seton Hall Beat Georgetown? [VIDEO]

This is the big video of the morning across the Internets because (a.) it happened a few miles from Manhattan and (b.) it’s Seton Hall, also known as bro central. But we’re focusing more on who the guy is that’s getting plowed by security guards after the Knights knocked off #9 Georgetown. That would be a red sweatshirt.

From our fuzzy memory of Seton Hall, can’t remember red being in that school’s colors.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Self-explanatory. The Hall blowout Georgetown, 73-55, and this basketball school tries to get on the court to jump around. It’s the stuff that college memories are made of. Bro-ing out at center court.

Climax of Video: Um, no, bro you aren’t going to bro out at center court. Your ass is getting trucked by this security guard.

Conclusion: Thinking the Hall gets a #5 seed and doesn’t make it to the Sweet 16. Sorry, bros.

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