Rangers’ Derek Holland Drives Dune Buggy To Spring Training [PHOTO]


By most accounts, or at least by ours, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland is pretty much a nutjob. The dude sports a mustache a pederast would be proud of, he’s against haircuts, he took a shot at doing the weather in Dallas and failed miserably and now he’s driving a dune buggy to spring training.

The ride in question is the Polaris Ranger RZR S. They start at $12,699 and it goes from 0 to 35 in 3.8 seconds. It seats two and according to Holland, it’s street legal because “it has license plates.”

That seems totally logical.

Holland and teammates ride the buggy around in the White Tank Mountains, which surround Surprise, Arizona, the team’s spring training home.

“Oh yeah, it’s nice over there,” Holland said. “There are a bunch of trails and you can see a lot of things. There is a cave that we found the other day. If you get on the mountain top, you can look over the city. It’s great.”

That’s superb. We can’t wait until he flips it, injures himself and is lost for the season.
[Holland’s dune buggy steals show in Surprise]

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