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Jim Harbaugh’s New Job: Student Manager For Indiana Basketball [PHOTOS]

You know what’s respectable with this Jim Harbaugh guy? He’s not against working his butt off during the off-season by picking up some cash as a student manager at Indiana men’s basketball games. Wait, what was Harbaugh doing carrying chairs during timeouts at tonight’s blowout of North Carolina Central? No biggie, Tom Crean is his brother-in-law and Jim is in town for Thursday’s combine.

Still trying to figure out if one of the IU student managers lost his gig for the night. Someone was sick? Last-minute replacement gig? Can’t sit still for 40 minutes? Just look at this guy’s precision. Three chairs at one time. That’s a man with a 5-year, $25mm NFL coaching gig carrying chairs. Mark down this date.

Oh, if you care, IU beat NCC by 19.


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