Martell Webster Needs Three To Win, Settles For Dunk & Loss! [VIDEO]


We’re not really sure what Minnesota Timberwolves guard Martell Webster was doing on the floor at the end of the game to begin with, but we doubt he’ll be there ever again.

With his team down by three to the Denver Nuggets and 4.9 second left on the clock, Webster miraculously stole the Nuggets’ inbounds pass. With a chance to be the hero, Webster raced down the court and instead of pulling up for the three, drove straight to the basket for the dunk.

Sweet move, bro! When the madness ended, there was a little over one second left in the game. After the inbound and a quick foul, there was .5 second left.

Game over. Smooth move, Martell.

Posted: Feb. 21, 2012

Premise of Video: Martell Webster makes the dumbest play of the day by going for a dunk when his team was down by three with four seconds left.

Climax of Video: After the play, Webster realizes how stupid he is. Coach Rick Adelman sits down in his chair, dumbfounded. Center Brad Miller brandishes an expression of exasperation.

Conclusion: The NBA — where amazing happens.

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