LINSANITY! America’s 1st Asian Stripper Wearing Jeremy Lin Jersey! [PHOTOS]


We continue to say it. There isn’t a strip club in America that ‘gets it’ like the minds behind Rick’s Cabaret in Manhattan. You know how many strip clubs send us press releases about their dancers and pop culture topics? 1. Rick’s. That’s because Lonnie Hanover continues to understand men, their sports interests and their interest in strippers. Take a Jeremy Lin jersey, put it on an Asian stripper & you have buzz. Brilliant.

Via the Rick’s press release team (also the best in the business):

“We love the Knicks, and Jeremy Lin is amazing,” said Sky, a dancer at the famous midtown Manhattan gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret. “He’s done so much for the team. I think everyone here in New York has got the linsanity.”

“He’s linvincible,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Anna. “I would like a lintroduction to him. I find him lintriguing,” she explained.

“I’m wearing his #17 jersey, and its so easy to strip out of,” she cooed.

“We support Lin and the Knicks. Anyone bringing their ticket stub after a Knick game will get complimentary admission here at the club,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alex.

Who knew these ladies were so damn creative with Jeremy Lin puns? Not us. Might be a job opening at ESPN, ladies.

As for what night your ass better be at Rick’s, we recommend Thursday night. Knicks go to Miami. Trust us, the ladies will understand if you just want them to sit still and not block your view during the 4th quarter. Lonnie promises that the pole dancers won’t be flailing their arms too much as to not distract your eyeballs gazing at the TVs behind the bar.

[Rick’s NYC]






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