Lakers & Suns Fans Fighting During Postgame Show [VIDEO]


Of course this didn’t get much play on the Internet yesterday because most bloggers aren’t really paying attention to Phoenix Suns‘ postgame show videos. This happened Sunday after the Suns beat the Lakers as the locals were celebrating their 13th win of the shortened season.

Lakers fan, being his normal d-bag self, thought it would be cool to drape homey in his #24 jersey. Wrong move, bro.

Posted: Feb. 20, 2012

Premise of Video: As you can see, it’s the postgame show inside the arena. That’s the new trend for NBA and NHL teams because who doesn’t want to hangout at the arena to get their face on TV? Suns fan wants everyone to see his hat. Lakers fan starts acting like a d-bag. Elbows and a fist start flying.

Climax of Video: Pretty sure homey doesn’t really land that punch at the :35 mark.

Conclusion: Gotta start paying attention the the Suns postgamer when they play conference rivals, especially L.A. Mark your calendars for April 7.

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