CBS Broadcaster James Bates Busts His Ass Before Xavier-Dayton [VIDEO]

This one comes to us via our old friend Mo Egger at ESPN 1530 (visit his blog) in Cincinnati who had the DVR rolling for Xavier-Dayton over the weekend when this happened. It’s James Bates providing the play-by-play. He’s ready to break down this contest with Steve Wolf. Cameras are rolling. And then James takes a tumble as his stool is flattened like a pancake. 

We always feel bad for the guys who don’t see it coming. James falls into that category.


Posted: Over the weekend

Premise of Video: Once again, Xavier beat Dayton, 86-83. But the real fireworks came before the tip. This is why you guys dreaming of an Internet career always need to have the DVR rolling. Never know when a broadcaster is going to bust a stool.

Climax of Video: Do we really need to spell it out for you morons?

Conclusion: Time to hit the treadmill, tubby.

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