Captain Stabbin’: Gronkowski Slaying Chicks At Bar & By Pool In Florida [PHOTOS]

Yesterday, we warned all you Floridians to be on alert because Captain Stabbin’ Gronkowski was unleashed in one of your beach cities. Today we’ve learned that he has turned his attention to the chicks and they seem to be smitten by his ‘bro’ antics whether it be by the pool bar or at this bar where he’s getting a drunken kiss. Just look at those eyes. Suck it, Rodney Harrison

Here we have @jessicalibak just randomly giving our hero a peck. The Floridian seemed to be enamored. She tweeted this morning: I was nice to meet you, hope your vacation treats you well!

And then we have some random chick by the pool bar. Nothing major, yet. It’s early.

Have you run into Captain Stabbin’ in Florida?



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