These Chicks Crush Michigan Gameday W/ Kate Upton, Whitney Houston Signs [PHOTOS]


Wasn’t really planning on spending my Saturday morning in Ann Arbor for ESPN Gameday, but figured you guys would enjoy a look at the hot Michigan chicks. Didn’t exactly find any. And the cheerleaders look very Ivy League-like. But these two chicks stole our hearts with two signs that just hammered the pop culture references of the week. In typical Michigan dork fashion, these two were being ignored by the bros in the crowd. 

Highlights from Ann Arbor:

• The Crisler Arena renovations are impressive. The theater seating will comfort your ass straight through a two-hour basketball game. Easily the most comfortable seats in college basketball.

• Digger Phelps tries too hard to be a douche and sideshow for ESPN.

• Michigan students missed the memo that Rece Davis would be in town. Weak turnout, bros.

• Not nearly enough signs. Dorks, that’s how you get noticed by the Internet. Step up the game.

• Security wasn’t asshole-ish like normal football Gameday security. In other words, bros, bring the heat with those signs. One day this will all end. Take advantage now.

Overall, ESPN doesn’t have a TV winner with the basketball Gameday. Too much yawning. Hubert Davis is boring. Digger Phelps wants so badly to be loved like Lee Corso. And Jay Bilas isn’t nearly as cool on camera as he is on Twitter.

In the end it was Whitney and Upton sign chicks that stole our hearts. Good work, ladies.

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