Ricky Rubio Will Be Carrying This Justin Bieber Backpack [PHOTO]


We are fans of rookie hazing. Actually, we’re fans of anything that makes someone look stupid and Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio will be looking stupid for the rest of his first NBA season.

Rubio has been a sensation on the court, averaging 11 points and eight assists per game, in his rookie campaign. That really doesn’t matter when you’re with the guys in the locker room, though. Veteran center Brad Miller decided Rubio will be wearing a Justin Bieber backpack outside the arena and presented him with it yesterday.

Forward Kevin Love tweeted the photo of said backpack in the rookie’s locker.

Look at @rickyrubio9’s backpack the rest of the year…compliments of Brad Miller.

Although we’re sure it will hurt his pride a little bit to wear a girl’s backpack, it can’t be all that bad. The Wolves are actually winning some games this season, thanks in large part to Rubio and Love’s play. They’re 16-16, which makes them two things they haven’t been in some time — respectable and relevant.

[Ricky Rubio Twitter] [Kevin Love Twitter]

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