Michigan Usher Not Amused By Casey Anthony Vs. Kate Upton Gameday Sign

Her name is Lindsey Ungar and she’s a Michigan grad just trying to do her part to piss off Ohio State fans. There she was Saturday morning at Crisler Arena holding her Casey Anthony vs. Kate Upton sign. We spotted her at about 10:15 and had her photographed within minutes. One thing led to another and Lindsey was emailing us this afternoon about her sign ordeal with a Crisler Arena usher. Seems someone didn’t like the Casey Anthony reference. 

Lindsey wrote via email:

One of the arena staff members came up to me and said it was inappropriate since she killed her child. Which, of course, was never proven…

I managed to get it back from them after GameDay concluded – with already-chewed gum sticking the sides together.

According to Lindsey, signs were checked by sign police before fans were let into Crisler which is customary at football Gamedays. Whether the UM usher was told to confiscate the sign or whether the usher went rogue is unclear.

We’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out why UM officials would care about a reference to Casey Anthony when this is FULL-ON-WAR. THIS IS OHIO STATE-MICHIGAN. Seriously, we’re back to these schools hating each other more than ever. Let there be blood, rogue UM usher. Either get on board or get your old ass back to the house in Chelsea.

And if this is the work of the ESPN sign police, how dear you censor a Casey Anthony reference that was on TV for at least an hour before you had the sign gestapo bubblegum it.

We want answers. Someone better step up. By tomorrow morning.

Have you been unfairly targeted by ESPN sign police or rogue ushers? We want to hear from you and see the sign in question.

[email protected]

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