NASCAR Rednecks Reject General Lee Pace Car Idea Over Confederate Flag [PHOTOS]


You gotta love this. NASCAR has rejected the idea of Bubba Watson driving his Dukes of Hazzard General Lee, a.k.a. Lee 1, around the Phoenix International Raceway to start their March 4 Sprint Cup race.

Bubba, who lives in the Phoenix area, bought the Lee 1 at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction for $121,000 in January and his ride was already announced by PIR. Apparently the NASCAR big wigs changed their mind though.¬†They don’t want to associate themselves with the confederate flag, which adorns the roof of the Lee.

Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black or something like that? Is there a place where more dumb rednecks gather every weekend then at NASCAR races? In theory, you’d also have to assume there are probably more racists at NASCAR events than anyplace else except maybe a Klan rally, too.

So the stars and bars should fit right in, no? I mean, find me a black person in a NASCAR crowd and I’ll show you where Waldo is. And Brad Daugherty doesn’t count — he’s whiter than most of the white people at the race. For their part, the dumb rednecks who run NASCAR are saying the right thing.

“The image of the Confederate flag is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive.”

Aren’t these the people who booed Michelle Obama at a race last year? Of course they are.

You don’t want a show car from a 1970s TV show turning off all those potential minority fans who love watching white dudes drive around in a circle for three hours though. We can totally see this move increasing that fan base.

[Confederate flag leads NASCAR to reject Bubba Watson’s ‘Hazzard’ car]

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