Bigger Rack On This Cabo Vacation: Rick Fox Or Eliza Dushku? [PHOTOS]


Oh, hey, there’s Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox yesterday just doing their thing in Cabo because what else are you going to do with Fox’s money in the winter? Sit around in L.A.? Pfft. Gotta admit it has been many years since we’ve seen the Rickster with his shirt off on a beach. What’s the 2012 Rickster rocking? Man cans. Dushku is still in perfect shape, possibly even looking like she needs to slam a Five Guys.

There you go, ladies. The Rickster isn’t as rock as you remember him from 2004 with the Lakers. It seems the two lovebirds are in Cabo, tweeting each other how much they love one another on their iPads.

This is from Rick on Wednesday:

Thanks guys for the anniversary well wishes for @elizadushku and I hope you all have someone who loves and supports you as my love does me

Meanwhile, on the pool chair next to her former Laker, Dushku typed:

Happy Anniversary @Rickafox#3years baby!

As we’ve always said, the couple that can tweet together, grow old together.

(Rick, seriously, cardio. Maybe three times a week. The cans are getting outta control.)

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