Milan Lucic’s Vancouver Church Receives Dong, F-Bomb Spray Painting [PHOTO]

Remember the Vancouver riots after the Stanley Cup and how the idiots involved acted like they were Euro scum? Guys such as the Raging CanAsian who thought he was Billy Badass with his designer glasses and a Canucks shirt? Well, the morons aren’t finished being Euro-Canadian douchebags. Here’s the church where Bruins LW Milan Lucic took the cup on his visitation day and where family still visits for services. 

Lucic’s girlfriend, Brittany Carnegie, posted this photo on her locked Twitter account but Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski snagged it for all to see.

According to Carnegie, the church was adorned with crudely drawn graffiti that reads “F—K Lucic” and ” Go Canuks Go”, along with the phallus. (You can always tell the die hard fans by their inability to spell their team’s name correctly.) As she wrote : “This is DISGUSTING! Punks did this to Milan (sic) beloved church! So disgusting!”

Here’s Lucic the day he took the Cup to the Burnaby, BC church. We see you, blue shirt. Those hands better not be covered in black spray paint.

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