WAG Lena Gercke Handbra Photo Lands Tunisian Newspaper Editors In Jail! [Cuff ‘Em]

You might remember this photo of Lena Gercke that we ran last week and was published in the March issue of GQ Germany. That’s Lena’s futbol playing boyfriend Sami Khedira helping with the handbra. No biggie, right? Well, in Tunisia a newspaper ran this photo and now three employees have been arrested and nutjobs are threatening to burn down the newspaper’s building. Not kidding. 

The AP story is moving amongst the major U.S. newspapers. Even the NY Times ran the wire copy.

The publisher of the Tunisian newspaper Attounissia and two of its editors were arrested Wednesday on charges of violating public morals for publishing a nude photograph.

Chokri Nafti, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said the prosecutor of the republic ordered the detention of the newspaper’s publisher, Nasreddine Ben Said; the editor in chief, Hbib Guizani; and the editor of the world section, Hedi Hidhri, pending the investigation.

They were charged with an assault on public morality.

A journalist at the newspaper said it had received telephone calls threatening to burn down the premises. The building is now guarded by the police.

Where to start? First of all, Associated Press, that’s not a nude photograph. Us Internet guys call that a handbra. It’s huge within the magazine world. No different than a woman wearing a bikini, except she’s being covered by flesh.

There are other variations: elbow bra, wrist bra, hair bra, sand bra, mirror bra, thigh bra, pudding bra, etc.

Second, what’s up with these assholes in Tunisia (in Africa, across the Mediterranean from Italy) acting like they are the judge and jury when it comes to nude photographs. Public morality? Since when was a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a hand bra such a crime? Everyone needs to chill out, read your Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and calm the f*ck down. No need to burn down the building. We figure you’ve already scared the sh*t out of these editors.

Probably not going to have to worry about another handbra in a Tunisian newspaper – ever.

[Photo Prompts Arrests in Tunisia]

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