Newspaper Columnist: What If Josh Hamilton Was Black Guy With Booze, Poon Issues?

Josh Hamilton broke his TV interview silence yesterday for the Glenn Beck TV channel. No, silly, Glenn wasn’t available to do the interview so religious right tough guy James Robison handled the gig. You might remember how much emphasis Hamilton puts on ‘God’ and his religion. So the two sat down for a chat and the Dallas media did their thing. Mac Engel of the Dallas Morning News penned a piece that asked what we’ve been wondering. What if Josh were black?

While Mac has been wondering what kind of treatment Josh would get if he weren’t white and playing in Texas, BC wondered what the treatment would be if he were black & had Coco Crisp’s hair.

Yes, our version has a touch too much of magenta. Deal with it.

As for the Hamilton-Robison interview, we didn’t learn when the sex tape would be released. We did learn, via the SportsGrid folks, that Josh knows he needs to learn from his alcohol relapses.

In walks Engel.

Would Josh Hamilton have been asked, let alone agreed, to make his first TV interview since his now famous relapse on Glenn Beck TV — as he did on Wednesday afternoon — if he weren’t white?

The race card may be an easy out for a column, but here we sit in the middle of Black History Month and there is no better time to ask an uncomfortable question: Does Josh Hamilton inspire, generate sympathy and are people largely accepting and supportive simply because of the color of his skin, and to heck with the content of his character?

Even though many of us can’t empathize with Josh’s talents or his demons, does the way he speaks and the color of his skin make us comfortable, thus more forgiving?

Hell no, a black dude isn’t sitting down with Glenn Beck TV. Let’s keep it real, homey, ain’t no black dude sitting with Robison to get grilled on why he had some white chick pinned up against a disgusting bathroom stall. Then again, ain’t no white guy sitting down with BET to discuss getting drunk and drilling some Texas skank at some Texas bar.

The only value with this Engel column is that we now have a reason to imagine Josh Hamilton signing a free agent contract and growing a Coco Crisp ‘fro. Guessing he goes 38-119-.317. Maybe a little lower dong numbers playing in that horrible ballpark.

Thanks, Mac.

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