Kate Upton Refuses To Talk About Mark Sanchez With Ellen [VIDEO]

And here we figured if anyone would be able to get news about Mark Sanchez out of Kate Upton it would be a lesbian like Ellen. You’d think that this would be a situation where it’s just ‘girl talk’ and Upton would be slip up after all the media she’s been doing. Not so. Upton might be only 19, but she knows the tricks these lesbians use to get intel out of her.

In other news, that cleav was just blasting through our LCD.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jepD69AaO7E&w=600&h=320]
Posted: 20 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Upton is still doing her media blitz in L.A. and went on a show that no dudes watch, but lesbians do! Ellen, getting all journalistic-y, grills the teen over how Mark feels about her boobs flopping out in SI.

Climax of Video: Our eyes never moved above the neckline.

Conclusion: Anyone else notice how Mark Sanchez has pretty much disappeared lately? No tweets, not seen out and about. He has to be dating Kate Upton. Has to.

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