Dumb Sorority Broad Wants Date With ‘Jerry Linn’ [VIDEO]

We know the best and brightest debutants go to Florida State to become sorority girls. Remember, that’s where Jenn Sterger went and she’s obviously brilliant.

Well, here we’ve got Angie, who’s carrying on the tradition of big-titted morons proudly representing FSU sororities. Angie wants “Jerry Linn,” who we’re going to assume is actually Jeremy Lin, to accompany her to some Greek formal. She has a few small problems, though.

Other not knowing the dude’s name, Angie also thinks “Linn” plays for the New York Giants and his black. She loves black guys, after all. We also bet she loves dick, but that’s another story entirely.

Anyway, she’s going to be real disappointed. Frankly, we’re disappointed no one has shown her how use an Internet search engine thus far. Angie is definitely going to go far in life.


Date posted: Feb. 15, 2012

Premise of Video: Kappa Delta sister Angie asks the New York Giants “Jerry Linn” to be her formal date.

Climax of Video: Angie has been informed that Jerry Linn is black and she loves black guys. Also, her and her girls really know how to party. In other words, random black guys should begin contacting this chick under the name Jerry Linn. You’re sure to get laid.

Conclusion: Look, no one is this stupid, right? I mean, granted, she’s supposedly a sorority girl, so she wouldn’t be at the head of the class, but we have to think this is some kind of hoax.

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