Dr. Ruth: “I Hope Jeremy Lin Had Enough Condoms Last Night”

Contrary to popular belief, that old coot Dr. Ruth is still as dirty as ever with her sex talk and has even evolved with the times which means talking about the “back door” on Twitter. Guess what else she’s talking about? Jeremy Lin! Of course she is because who isn’t talking Jeremy Lin at this point. And here we figured this broad was either dead or too busy getting laid to tweet about hoping Jeremy has enough condoms.

Ruth tweeted the following last night and today:

So the big question we have is who the ghostwriter is because Dr. Ruth is 83? No way she was pumping out witty tweets at record pace at like 12:30 a.m. Is she like Darren Rovell? Hiring ghost tweeters?

And how the hell does Dr. Ruth know about stopping and popping in basketball? This account smells like a nasty, unverified Twitter queef. How the hell does Ruth know what a double-double is? No ways she’s this knowledgeable about Lin’s statline.


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