2012 Randy Moss Prop Bets In Case You’re A Degenerate

Receiver Randy Moss announced that he wanted to come out of retirement earlier this week after a one-year hiatus from the NFL. Whether anyone will be interested in a 35-year-old receivers services remains to be seen, but you can already place some wagers on Moss’ return.

Bodog has prop bets on which team Moss will sign with — the New England Patriots are the favorites — and whether or not he’ll earn comeback player of the year.

Here are the odds.

Who will sign Randy Moss next?

  • New England: 5/2
  • St. Louis: 7/1
  • Chicago: 7/2
  • Washington: 5/1
  • San Francisco: 5/1
  • Dallas: 10/1
  • Philadelphia: 10/1
  • Jets: 11/2

Will Randy Moss win NFL Comeback Player of the Year for the 2012 Regular Season?

  • Yes: 5/1

Personally, I like the Jets. Plaxico Burress is a free agent and New York seems to like to throw money at name players who are malcontents. St. Louis, which doesn’t seem to have an NFL-caliber receiver on its roster, seems like a decent bet as well.

We’re staying away from the comeback player of the year bet, though.

[Bodog NFL prop bets]

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