Sorry, Matt The Screencapper: This Brittish Broad Weighs 560 Pounds – Is Married!


The only reason you clicked on this post is because you wanted to be disgusted. We’d like to tell you there’s nothing wrong with that, but there probably is. We understand though. It’s like a train wreck. You can’t really look away.

What we’ve got right here is Britain’s fattest woman. In the UK, they say she weighs 40-stone. We’ve converted that to pounds for you normal people and it comes out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 560 pounds.

You read that right — 560 pounds.

Her name is Brenda, she hasn’t been out of her house in four years, eats 6,000 calories a day and has no desire to stop eating like a slob, even though doctors have told her she’s going to die if she doesn’t go on a diet. Oh, and did we mention she’s sexy as hell?

Throw some flower on that and look for the wet spot!

Before you get too excited, Brenda is married. Her husband, Ronnie, is 65, met her at some community event and had to bring a registrar into her home so he could marry her fat ass while she laid in bed. We’re pretty sure he’s a prize.

Brenda has a special care team that devotes 25 hours to her a week. And here’s the really sexy part.

Carers help her shower, give her a “deep crease clean” to tackle the sores which develop from being in bed so much and cook and shop for her.

Deep crease clean! We can’t imagine why Ronnie wouldn’t want to take on that task.
[40-stone Brenda is Britain’s fattest woman]

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